Positivity through Poetry

When the news is full of COVID-19 stories, and government strategies to prevent it's spread, it can be quite worrying and overwhelming. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some poetry, and hopefully, some positivity with you. I would welcome any comments as strive to improve my writing.

In these times of loss and despair,
I still sense a glimmer of hope in the air,
As, while the people stay safe inside,
The world on the outside, plants and wildlife, thrive.

And, the people, they are learning great lessons too,
Like not wasting food will see you through.
They learn to tinker and fix and mend,
and that you don't need new clothes to be on trend.

Families come together via telephone,
and find new ways to have fun at home.
This gives the air outside time to rest,
so when we are ready, it will be at it's best.

So when in a few years you look back to this year,
Please don't remember only the fear.
Recall all the good that can be done,
when the world is looked after by everyone.

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