We need to create relationships with the world that are mutually beneficial, like that of the turtle and butterfly.
This picture was taken by me in 2018 on the Tambopata River, Peru.

I remember, when I was about 10, I went vegetarian (for the first time, I have experimented with many different diet choices since) because I heard a rumour that big food companied were destroying the Rainforests to grow corn to feed their chickens. Deforestation caused global warming, so if I ate chicken I was going to have some sort of “The Day After Tomorrow”* future, and I didn’t like being cold ….so I wasn’t going to eat chicken, and that would save the world.

Now, I’m older and wiser, so although 10 year old me started good habits like recycling, saving water and insisting on organic veg, I now know there is a lot more I can do to save the world. I can reduce my carbon footprint, my plastic use, my use of chemicals in cleaning, beauty products and food. I can petition to save the oceans, plant flowers to save the bees, plant trees to trap the CO2 …… the sheer amount of things I could do make it all a bit overwhelming.

But I don’t think I’m alone in my intentions, or in this feeling of being overwhelmed by what I could or should be doing. I believe with the recent media attention that the climate emergency and plastic pollution have gathered, there are loads of us out there in this position. So, if that is you I would like to help. I am going to be making some eco-friendly changes in my life, and then writing about them, how easy or hard it was, how the eco-friendly option compared to the “normal”, etc. This way I can give some hints and tips, to hopefully alleviate that overwhelming feeling.

Wishing you all luck in your own eco-friendly journeys,


*For anyone that hasn’t seen it “The Day After Tomorrow” is a film about a group of people caught in a huge storm/Ice age caused by global warming.

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